Wedding Colors for 2017

The New Year is upon us and Brides will begin the exciting and often overwhelming process of planning their wedding day! Although you have dreamed about this for years, styles and your personal likes have changed over the years and they will continue to change.

Some brides will choose the classic timeless look…White dress, pastel bouquet, formal indoor reception, parent’s dances, garter and bouquet toss, plated dinner and traditional tiered cake. Others will look at the new trends and buck tradition. So what are the trends for 2017?


According to color is making a comeback.  Elegant Wedding Invites predicts the top color combinations will be:

  • Natural, white, & green
  • Mauve and gray neutral
  • Navy, coral, & gold
  • Cranberry, orange, & ivory
  • Peach, gold, & green
  • Red & dark gray
  • Gold, burgundy, & green

The main thing to focus on is making sure your color choice is consistant and blends with the venue and season of your wedding.  Make sure you choose complimentary colors.  If you aren’t sure, (this is going to sound crazy) ask your FiancĂ© to help out by going through sports teams LOL!  Seriously, NFL teams choose colors that work together 🙂

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